T​reeRing​ is a web-based yearbook builder that allows our school community to add, share, comment, and create the yearbook. The 2021-2022 school year will be our 8th year using this platform. 


Visit the TreeRing website here... 

Enter passcode 1014149644632589   


Unsure if you've pre-ordered?  Click on link below to see yearbook orders as of 4/4/22. 

Elm School Yearbook Orders as of 4/8/22
Treering Yearbook Orders 040822.pdf
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1. PURCHASE YOUR YEARBOOK ­ All orders are placed online through the TreeRing Website at​ The cost of a yearbook is $21.69, but it pays to order early. Order before October 31st and save 5%.  

How to purchase a yearbook for Elm School.
Yearbook Purchase.pdf
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2. CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHILD’S YEARBOOK ­ There are so many great activities that take place at Elm, but it is impossible for the yearbook editors to get pictures of all the participants at each event. A great feature of TreeRing is that you can customize two pages in your child’s yearbook (and purchase extra custom pages too) at no additional cost! This makes it possible to ensure that all your favorite memories are documented for your family in the years to come.  Deadline for Custom Pages is April 6th.

How to create personal pages for your Elm School Yearbook.
Custom Pages.pdf
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3. UPLOAD YOUR PHOTOS ­ Next time you are at an Elm School Event, taking great pictures, please consider sharing them on the TreeRing. The process of uploading your photos is simple and quick. You can even tag the students in your photos! Once you create your T​reeRing ​account, you can click on the PHOTO icon, select a shared folder displayed on the screen that corresponds with your photos (example: 1st Day of School Folder), and upload away. The editors like photos with multiple children, so be sure to take some group shots!

Please feel free to contact the yearbook chair with any questions.

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