How To Submit Proposed E-Blast and Website Content

Are you interested in submitting news for the Elm PTO weekly E-blast or website?

Please review the information below and submit your proposed content to:

ELM PTO Electronic Communications - Policies and Procedures


General Submission Guidelines

  • All posts must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday in order to be included in the Sunday evening eBlast.
  • All posts must be submitted to the Elm PTO Committee Chairperson at
  • Posts may be run for two weeks only. When promoting an event that is more than a month out, it is the editors discretion whether the two weeks are consecutive or not (depending on other posts running that week.) The editor is encouraged to communicate with the submitting persons when making decisions to adjust timing of posts.
  • If a submission requests that a post run for more than two weeks, the messaging must be altered and the post resubmitted. For example - POST SUBMITTED with a Save the Date may run week 1, then skip week 2, then RESUBMITTED post with event details that runs weeks 3 and 4.
  • Editors may revise posts as needed for grammar, length, content, clarity, etc.
  • All dates and times should be in BOLD.
  • Any flyers or attachments must be sent in both PDF and JPEG format.



ELM PTO Policy on Publicizing Community Events


The Elm School PTO does not post community organization news via email, eBlast or website  unless the posting meets one of the exception criteria outlined here:


  1. The posting is submitted by one of our affiliated schools (District 181 schools or their PTOs and District 86 or their PTOs),
  2. The posting is submitted by a District 181 group such as the D181 Foundation, the SELAS committee, the Hinsdale-Clarendon Hills Teacher Association or the Family Resource Network,
  3. The posting is about an event/activity that Elm students are involved in and is supported directly by the school or a school-sponsored committee. Ideally, the event supports one of the limited number of charities endorsed by the school for that academic year.


  • The Rotary Run meets this exception because Elm has a sponsored team and the D181 Foundation receives funds from the event.
  • The Walk for Autism could meet this exception if there were an Elm team organized by the school.


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