This page provides a detailed description of what each PTO committee does. If you're interested in volunteering or finding out more, click the link to email the chair.

Angel Care Network

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  • Provides moderate support to Elm families who have experienced injury/illness or are experiencing other special circumstances. 
  • PTO representatives:
    • Work with school staff to provide appropriate support for families in need (i.e., buy gift cards or meals, provide to families)
    • Organize others to provide meals or other support
    • Organize boot and snow pants drive in early winter to ensure all students at Elm School are able to participate in outdoor recess on cold days


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  • Provides family contact information to the Elm School community in both a handbook and online format
  • PTO representatives:
    • Obtain family contact information from District 181 provided with permission from the families during registration
    • Create contact information files in the format required by the printer and online directory provider
    • Work with the printer and online directory provider to deliver Elm School directories in early fall

Family Fun

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  • Provides an opportunity for Elm families to get together to have fun and get to know each other better in a family-friendly environment
  • PTO representatives:
    • Plan and run the annual Ice Cream Social at the beginning of the school year
    • Plan and run a game night in late winter

Room Parents

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  • Being a Room Parent provides parents with opportunities to connect with other Elm School parents and engage with their children in the classroom
  • The Chair of the Room Parents Committee provides guidance to Room Parents to help them:
    • Plan and run classroom parties according to the needs and wishes of the teachers
    • Acclimate new parents to Elm School
    • Collect donations for mid-year and end-of-year teacher gifts
    • Provide other support to teachers (as requested)
    • Volunteer and offer support to other PTO committees and initiatives

Teacher Appreciation

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  • Provides feedback and gratitude to teachers, administrators, and staff
  • PTO representatives:
    • Organize and collect donations for gifts
    • Partner with Room Parents to plan and coordinate activities to support teachers, administrators, and staff throughout the year

Art Awareness

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  • Increases student awareness of and knowledge about different artists and their art  
  • PTO representatives present prepared 30-minute presentations to students at all grade levels

Health & Safety

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  • Provides students with an opportunity to learn about staying safe and healthy
  • PTO representatives:
    • Arrange bike safety training in the early part of the school year (provided by an insurance company). For more information, click here.
    • Arrange other safety talks as needed (Hinsdale Humane Society for pet safety, etc.)
    • Work with nurses and PE teacher(s) to identify and address additional needs for student assistance/education in health and safety

Science Expo

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  • Provides students at Elm School with the opportunity to explore a scientific issue or problem during the organized Science Expo event
  • PTO representatives:
    • Support the student scientists as they develop their projects
    • Support the judges and others during the event

Special Lunch

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  • Provides hot lunch twice a month for the students at Elm School
  • PTO representatives:
    • Work with the vendors to arrange contracts and payments
    • Create student sign-up document to include in Fall packet (includes ingredient lists)
    • Keep track of responses and follow up with families who do not respond in the Fall, as we make every effort to have responses from all families
    • Provide alternate treat for participating students who have allergies
    • Coordinate parent communications and reminders with the school secretary

Spirit Wear

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  • Provides Elm School-branded merchandise for purchase
  • PTO representatives:
    • Manage supplier and select Spirit Wear options
    • Coordinate orders and collect payments for Elm School-branded merchandise
    • Purchase and distribute items

SELAS (Social Elmotional Learning for Acacemic Success)/Community Service

Works with District 181 SELAS representatives to coordinate and facilitate SELAS events for the students at Elm School.   
  • More information about SELAS in District 181

  • Provides an organized way for students, parents, and teachers to give back to and engage in the community, both at a grade level and at an all-school level
  • PTO representatives:
    • Work with teachers at each grade level to plan and execute one community service activity for each grade level
    • Work with the principal to plan and execute the all-school Communicty Service activities that happen throughout the year (such as the Rotary Run, Feed My Starving Children, etc.) 


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  • Provides students and staff the opportunity to buy a yearbook documenting life at Elm School throughout the school year 
  • PTO representatives:
    • Organize cover art content
    • Take photos at school events
    • Work with printer to set content
    • Take orders, manage payments, and distribute books

Elm Garden

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  • Provides plant beautification for the school and surrounding neighborhood
  • PTO representatives:
    • Coordinate contract with vendor to maintain grounds using allocated funds from District 181
    • Recruit volunteers to:
      • Weed the beds 1 – 2 times a year
      • Plant perennials as they are received
      • Plant and maintain the pots by the front entrance

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