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Children in grades 3rd - 5th can ride their bikes to school. Please click on the link to have a look at the safety video.



Elm School 2020 Virtual Bike Rodeo – Due 10/12/20 (for kids 3rd grade or above)

Since the Bike Rodeo has been cancelled due to COVID 19, the PTO has worked with the Hinsdale police department to provide a virtual Bike Rodeo as an alternate option for this year. There are 3 steps that parents need to do in order to get a license for your kid’s bike:

1)    Bike Safety Tips and Rodeo ideas-This goes over important safety tips for you to review with your child/children. Please go over the information and have your child demonstrate they can:

a.     Start and stop their bicycle quickly and safely

b.    Use the correct hand signals for turning and stopping -Maneuver around hazards/items

c.     Look back over their shoulder for cars/pedestrians without veering off to one side.

2)    Preparing to Ride My Bike Checklist Quiz and Pledge- Please review this sheet with your child/children and check their bicycle.

a.     Have your child answer the True/False Quiz questions. Please note the answers are all “True”.

b.    Have your child say the pledge and you can both sign off on the form.  We are NOT looking to collect these forms. The intention of this is ensure they are ready to ride their bike to school in a fun and meaningful way.

3)    Complete the parent consent form using the link below to indicate that you have completed steps #1 and 2 above and that you agree to have the kid(s) ride to school during school days.

After we received your consent form, the PTO will coordinate with the police department and have ID/"License" created and pass out to the student at school.  Virtual students can have their parent pick up the license at the front desk if desired.

For HINSDALE residents only

If you like to register your bike with the Hinsdale police department, you will need to schedule a time for a 5-10 minute appointment. Please sign up for a time slot using the link below, fill out the “Bicycle Registration Form” and take it with you during your signed up time.


On the date/time of your appointment, please bring your child’s bicycle and the registration form to the Police Department. An officer will document the serial number and secure a Bicycle Registration sticker to the bicycle. Should the bike ever be lost, stolen or recovered, the license and serial number will assist us in returning the bicycle to your family.  Parents are welcome to bring more than 1 bicycle from their household.  It is not limited to just their 3rd grader’s bicycle. But please limit to signup to just one slot regardless of the number of bicycles you bring.


FAQ and Answers from Officer Karen Kowal at the Hinsdale Police Department:

1) What if a bicycle has been passed from one family to another and already has a registration sticker?  It is possible to just update the registration information in our system using the village license number.  Have the current owners e-mail officer Kowal at

2.)  Do I have to bring in my bicycle to have it registered?  Yes.  In order to maintain integrity with the system and ensure the serial number is correct, an officer must see the bicycle.  

3.)  If I can’t make the registration dates, can I arrange another date and/or get my child’s “school license”?  Yes.  Have them e-mail Officer Kowal and she can arrange another date with you.

4.)  Can I register all bicycles in my household?  Absolutely.  They can be done on the same date/time.  As long as they are a Hinsdale resident and bring the bicycle to the station.
Please feel free to contact Shannon He at if you have any questions. 
The ELM school Bike Rodeo PTO team

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