The PTO is providing parents and teachers a chance for self care, thank you to the parent volunteers Sumi Pitroda and Sima Madhiwala for donating their time to instruct these classes. First two classes are adults only, the final class is open to all ages.  To sign up click on the sign up genius link, you can sign up for one or all classes!  See flyer for details.
Parents had their first yoga class for wellness month and they left feeling energized to begging their weekend.  Sign up here for the next two classes.

Yuck Science Video

Thank you to all the students and families who participated in the Yuck Science show.  It was so amazing to see your smiling faces and hear your excitement watching and working with science!


The fun doesn’t have to end quite yet!   Wait until you check out the 45 minutes science show https://yuckshow.com/elm/ which includes the experiments we saw during the show as well as many new ones for the whole family to enjoy.  The video will be available for a week so feel free to watch as many times as you would like and try out more experiments!

An index of the demonstrations and links to more Yuck science videos are below! 


01:45​ Mentos geysers

02:35​ Inflating balloons with vinegar and baking soda

03:43​ Giant balloon

04:51​ Inflating giant balloon with vinegar and baking soda

08:04​ Alka Seltzer rockets

12:02​ Ping pong ball explosion

16:47​ Popcorn explosion

18:10​ Liquid nitrogen cloud 21:20​ Objects in liquid nitrogen

24:07​ Leidenfrost effect with liquid nitrogen

25:18​ Leidenfrost effect in kitchen

27:22​ Bernoulli’s principle explained

28:19​ Bernoulli’s principle examples

29:51​ Isopropyl combustion

34:31​ Elephant toothpaste reaction

36:55​ Potential energy and kinetic energy

38:14​ Coprolite

38:55​ Hadrosaur egg

39:19​ Making elephant toothpaste together

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