Special Lunch

Special lunch ordering is now open.  Special lunch will be available on Thursdays once every other week.  To order go to Marlaslunch.boonli.com password is ES353 and is case sensitive.  Once you set up your profile, click that you are ordering for someone else and input your child’s name and select their teacher in the drop down.  Do this for each of your children.


Deadline to order is Noon the Wednesday one week before the lunch.  Last day to order for September 16th lunches is September 8.  You can order just for a couple weeks and go back in later to order for future dates or you can order the whole years lunches at once, it’s up to you! 


Bon Apetit!

  • December 2 - Sarpinos (Order by noon on 11/24)
  • December 16 - Panera (CANCELED Preorders will be credited)

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