R O O M   P A R E N T S 

Seeing your child in action at school is an experience every parent should be lucky enough to have. Being a Room Parent is one of the best ways to be present at school.



The PTO is looking for volunteers to serve as Room Parents throughout the school year. Room Parent roles are broken out to allow parents to commit to different activities that suit their interests and schedules.


Room Parent responsibilities vary by grade level based on the support requested by the teachers.  As children get older, they are more self-sufficient, so less classroom help may be expected.


Regardless, Room Parents are still very much needed for all the grades at Elm School.

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Please remember to assign a class photographer for all events and parties!  With your help, the Yearbook Committee can add photos of each and every student to the yearbook.


Also, remember to upload all pictures from parties and school events to TreeRing! (for instrux, click here)



The Room Parent Handbook is designed to share guidelines and lessons learned from years past to help Room Parents be successful and have fun.  It documents PTO policies, procedures, and specific responsibilites by grade.


The Handbook is available for download below.

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Watch this space for all the updates on what's going on with Room Parents!

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